He Called Blessed Friday FWJI Tangerang City

Tangerang - FWJI Tangkot | | "There is not a single dawn that Allah's servants experience, except that two angels come down to them. One of them prays: "O Allah, give compensation to those who spend"while the other one prayed, "O Allah, give damage to those who hold back (his wealth)." (Narrated by Bukhari 5/270).

With the background of the hadith above, the management of FWJI Tangerang City, which is located at Jln Bunga Mekar, Kunciran Jaya Village, RT 002 Rw 001 No. 87, Pinang District, has launched a social program labeled Friday Blessing. a program that has been running every Friday, in the form of distributing packaged rice to the poor, pedicab brothers, motorcycle taxi drivers, and street passers in the area in front of the sub-district office and around Jalan Pinang, Friday (14/07/2023)
In the 4th week of July, the management of FWJI Tangkot, Mr. Patar Hahalongan, did what has become the Indonesian FWJ Program, namely Friday Blessings.

"Blessing Friday Program" This time, the rice packets (nasbung) that were distributed were not only obtained from donors but also from personal pockets to be able to carry out the program," said Patar Hahalongan.

the distribution of Nasbung for blessed Friday which was carried out by FWJI Tangkot this time was led directly by Patar Hahalongan with other fellow administrators who are members of FWJI Tangerang City

cecep Yuliardi S.or as the head of FWJI Tangkot hopes that in the following month's blessing Friday activities more rice will be distributed so that the distribution can expand.

besides that he also had a discourse that during the next month's distribution he would collaborate with friends from the Forum or other NGOs to collaborate in the FWJI Tangkot program to make it more lively. // FWJI Tangerang City
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